Have you ever had a moment that you sensed something that happened in the future, and was not sure where that came from? If so lets get into it.

As we discussed the amazing talents that Mrs Edward has we learned where some of these things come from. June stated “Your path is planned out by yourself from the beginning to the end of your life”. This lead to several questions by me. I had to know about a topic that has always bothered me.

I have always been bothered by the question, If murder is a sin and we got sent to a war that was not for the best interest of humans and a Soldier kills an enemy combatant is this murder and can you still go to heaven? During this Mrs. June stated that murder is more of a feeling than an act. In both situations a person dies, however if you enjoyed it and was happy about it, with the plan to do it that is murder. As a Soldier your responding to an action and are not necessarily thrilled that you got to kill someone.” With this the term of Murder to me is now more of the feeling you had about the act.

We also discussed about her ability to go to heaven and speak to souls in heaven. She talks about how many dimensions of heaven there is. She told me about how her ability lets her talk to souls and how the process works. She has helped people with unresolved issues to missing person cases with authorities.

Mrs. June is also an author and has wrote several books. Her latest one is, All’s Fair in Love and Karma“. She has wrote several books and all of them can be found on Amazon.

You can also set up sessions with Mrs. Edwards on her website. If you watched this episode you will be able to tell how authentic she is as well as all the good she has done in the world.

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