The Two Drunk Dudes in a Gun Room show, is a show that talks about stories that keep people interested. our listeners listen because the guests have a story to share and are passionate about that story. If you have that story and want to share it, or are doing something that needs to be shared you can apply to be on the show. There is only a few rules for our guests.

  1. If you have a product that you are trying to sell, we will not record the episode until we have tested the product and done our own research on it. Our show is not attempting to exploit our listeners and we won’t promote a product or a service that will do just that. If you are passionate about your product you can reach out and send it to us to test, We do not guarantee or promise that you sending the product to us will get you on the show. If we see the legitimacy in your product and it does what it is advertised to do we will move forward with the recording. We suggest you tell us what the product is prior to even sending it to us, as we maybe able to tell you from previous experience if it will be allowed to be on the show. Please do not offer us money or sponsorships or discounts to promote your product as we will not do it. We are proud of our show and passionate about what we do. None of us are trying to get rich or even survive financially from doing this and would rather have guests that feel that way about there story.

2. Our show is a discussion about things we find interesting. We are passionate about our military, we are curios about science and love to laugh and have a good time just like most people, However if you want to discuss politics or topics that has been used by mainstream media to cause separation between us is not something we care to discuss. Myself as well as some of our listeners have wasted too much time of their life angry and hating the world, and are tired of feeling this way. We want to learn about things that fascinate us and are passionate to our guests, unfortunately you maybe passionate about politics we are just not fascinated by it. If this is your topic I am afraid we will have to pass. The one exception is topics that effect the veteran community. Sometimes discussions involving government and politics will be discussed in regards to topics that effect our military.

3. Have fun and enjoy the conversation. Everything doesn’t always have to be controversial to be interesting. Grab yourself a drink of your choice, sit back and lets have a good time.

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