Its getting to the end of season 2!!! Recently we have had some amazing guests on our show. I would like to take a second to highlight a few of our episodes, before our next episode comes out. We release episodes every Tueday and Wed. With that lets get into it.

Our Last episode was with Joseph Malone. Joseph is a Marine Veteran. He served in the Marines in the Special Operations community. As a Marine Raider your abilities are on the next level. The Special Operations world is already small, however the Marine Raiders are a very small hand selected unite with some amazing abilities. Take a moment and listen to Joseph as he talks about his career and his business that is helping families learn how to protect themselves.

Our episode with Rick Koenig was a great time. We traveled to Branson Mo to do this interview and it was completely worth it. Rick is a 2nd Degree black belt and has lead a life from his time dealing with organized crime to providing security for Mike Tyson and Dennis Rodman. He is now helping veterans with free memberships to his gym and helping people improve their lives everyday.

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