I have a few goals for season 3. This is the year I want to start seeing growth in myself as well as the podcast. This year I plan to expand to doing live interviews in person. I think it will be good for myself as well as the listeners to get a more real experience.

I plan on growing my podcast in the hopes to be able to help Military United Podcast Streams grow as a project.

Lastly by the end of 2024 the non profit and all three projects to include the tv station will be up and running.

Last year I set a goal to expand the show by increasing the guest on the show and to say the least I not only did that but I expanded people I call family.

There truly is good things that can come from just wanting to see good come to others and not worry about fame and success. I am so much happier now that I don’t care about recognition or money or status. I get satisfaction in seeing hard work turning into something good that helped someone who needed it. I believe one day they will put in that same work and pass it forward.

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