Rick is the owner of Sertify Strength gym, We got to meet up at his gym and learn his story. Rick grew up in PA and was the son of a owner of a pizzaria. His dad showed him what hard work and dedication will do for you. Rick Grew up with Martial Arts to fall back on to when he needed direction.

Rick like most kids did not have a straight road to success. He had some ups and downs between some time in prison from working with organized crime. He had some great memories in his life that was built from his dedication to Martial Arts. He owned a security company that worked with names such as Mike Tyson and Dennis Rodman.

He now is in Branson Mo helping veterans and anyone who wants to make life changing decisions in their life. From training self defense to helping people build confidence and health by losing some weight. I truly enjoyed my time recording this with Rick and feel like I made a friend. I hope you guys take the time to check out his episode. You can learn more about his Gym at his website