Our show provides content about a lot of comedy, and interesting things. Sometimes we bring in some serious things. The truth is behind the scenes we are dedicated to a mission that is important to us. We are apart of building a non-profit called Heroes Voice Media Foundation. Our Host Donald Dunn discovered Therapy from Podcasting that helped him find help. This is where Heroes Voice Media Foundation Came from. The goal is to help veterans continue to use Podcasting, Songwriting/performing, and writing to get their emotions out. This program at the same time helps them also be successful in what they are doing. Providing therapy as well as satisfaction from telling their stories. The organization helps surround them with like minded people and non profit organizations that can offer support in a variety of ways. So no matter how you choose to sponsor the show 100% goes towards building this nonprofit and its projects.

We have dedicated this show to highlighting veterans and helping veterans from the beginning since than we are going on Season 3, and we still have the podcast, a radio station for veteran artist, as well as a podcasting network for veterans. We are currently building a Television show and a Music Video Television channel. The goal is one day to have a music awards for veteran musician that is televised as large as the CMA’s. We want an event for Podcasters that are veterans. We would love to see a veterans podcasting Chart category. We want to see the dreams of veterans get noticed and one day when you hear the word PTSD the image of a veteran is not the first thing you think of. If we supported veterans who are trying to build their dreams and not wait until they have reached rock bottom before we notice them, just maybe we can make a change. So please consider helping us..