Attention all podcasters, I wanted to take a moment and share something with you. I signed up for a site to help me find guests for my show. I don’t usually take the time to share products that I have found however, Podmatch has been a great investment. I have found some amazing guests on their and made some new friends. If you guys are looking for something to help you with finding Guests I recommend podmatch for 100%. Here is just a few of the benefits, You can earn a portion of the profits of the site for doing interviews, You will have access to thousands of people that want to be interviewed and are looking to be on podcasts. If your looking for a way to help find guests that your listeners will like use podmatch.

The other things I do recommend is Streamyard. Streamyard has worked great for me for editing. Even though I don’t live streams my show I still use it to record my guests. One of the biggest things I see people doing wrong is using a meeting interface like Zoom for recording their shows. That is great if your just trying to get information out, not great if your trying to build a show. I think they have plans as low as 12.00 a month, very easy way to incorporate back drops, logos, videos, screen shares, and tons of other things. Not only is having good audio and video important, but separating yourself from other shows is important. So apps like Streamyard is important for setting up your studio. There is others Streamyard just happens to be what I use.